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Planning all inclusive travel vacation

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1. Plan your all inclusive travel vacation ahead of time. Block some all inclusive travel vacation time on your calendar at least two months ahead of departure. Book your flight far ahead of time- this could cut your vacation costs in half. Planning ahead of time also means speaking to the necessary authorities at work, scheduling the pet’s stay at the kennel, and stopping the newspaper delivery and lawn mowing service.

2. Book your flights online. Many sites allow you to compare flight prices and details, be sure to use these tools. Some examples of well known sites that allow you to compare flight prices across various airlines are Orbitz and Expedia

3. Book your lodging at all inclusive travel vacation-ownership sponsored resort. This essentially means that you will have access to  an extra-discounted hotel or resort lodging in exchange for attending a timeshare sales pitch at that resort. The benefits of doing this mean extremely deep discounts as well as freebies like gas certificates, dinner coupons and theme park tickets.

4.  If you are traveling at an all inclusive travel with a large family or party, you can save a lot of money by shopping at the grocery store instead of eating out.

5. If you follow this rule of thumb throughout the at a all inclusive travel vacation you are likely to save quite a bit of money.  Lonely Planet is a great resource to find out about a destination’s flavors, culture, and local hot spots ahead of time.

6.  Take public transportation. People often forget how expensive taxi cabs can be, especially when they are on vacation. In any city center or popular destination there is almost always a mode of transportation on the cheap that the locals take advantage of.

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