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A great budget vacation to Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is definitely one of the best destinations to spend the perfect family budget vacation. There are several Costa Rica tour companies that can take you to any of its most popular tourist destinations. While most of these tour companies are situated in San Jose, the country’s largest and capital city, these companies are considered experts in showing just about anyone the famous tourist spots.

The best Costa Rica tours involve visiting famous national parks and other wilderness locations depending on your interests. The tour comes with planned itineraries, private transportation as well as guides who are bilingual. Some companies even offer nature tours in which you can experience different water adventures including white water rafting, scuba diving, kayaking, fishing and even canopy tours.

Costa Rica Coffee tours or Plantation tours can be included in your list of places to visit since the country is also celebrated for its coffee. Coffee tours may be distinguished from one tour to another, namely the Café Monteverde Coffee Tour or the the Classic Britt Coffee Tour, tourist are still guaranteed to enjoy a cup of the country’s delicious coffee. A great budget vacation to Costa Rica and of course a budget vacation on the beach is perhaps the answer to your hearts desire. A number of beaches in this country such as the Playa Tamarindo provide easy access to luxurious hotels, restaurants and even all star vacation homes.

You can also spend day budget vacation from San Jose, which is Costa Rica’s capital city and known to be really populated during peak seasons. It was mentioned previously that most tour companies are located in San Jose.

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