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Cheap Disneyland Vacations

Disneyland Vacation Packages

By Matt Murren

cheap disneyland vacations
cheap disneyland vacations

Finding The Best Online
Disneyland Vacation Packages There are an infinite number of online travel sources offering Disneyland vacation packages. A query with a popular search engine yielded over four million links when the keywords were entered. That amount of information can overload the most seasoned trip planner. This article aims to simplify the planning process for your next fun-filled family cheap Disneyland vacations to Disneyland.

The homepage for cheap Disneyland vacations Resorts offers a free vacation planning DVD that includes tours of the Disney theme parks in California and Florida, highlights of current shows and attractions, and additional planning tips for a Disneyland vacation. The online form asks for basic information and is very easy to fill out. This free DVD can be a great help in planning your vacation and getting everyone excited about a trip with a preview of what’s in store for them at Disneyland.

The homepage for Disneyland Resorts are also a portal to cheap Disneyland vacations. The benefits of packages through this avenue include several exclusive offers of commemorative items and early entrance into the park. Travel reviews have indicated that the early entrance into the park isn’t much of a benefit, however. The lines can still be long and the park crowded with other guests having access to the same early access. This is a quick way to get your trip booked but it is also the most expensive option when planning a Disneyland vacation.

Disney’s Good Neighbor hotels are more economical than the Disney properties, but many hotel and travel websites offer these rooms at a discounted rate. Major travel websites also have car rental and airfare availability when putting together a cheap Disneyland vacations package. They have add-on activities such as dining with characters and special excursions that can be personalized for your family vacation.

Auction websites are also an option to locate cheap Disneyland vacations. Hotels and resorts frequently offer timeshare presentations in exchange for deeply discounted or free lodging. These types of offers are often found on auction websites. Travelers that have booked packages but for personal reasons are unable to travel may list accommodations as a way to recoup some of their money. One person’s loss can be your family’s gain.

There are many ways to find online cheap Disneyland vacations packages. Hopefully this article offered some guidance to help make planning your Disneyland vacation a bit easier.

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Magical Disney Vacation

How To Plan A Magical Disney Vacation

by : Venita

Visiting magical Disney vacation World can be a fun, breath-taking trip whether you are a young couple, a family, a retired couple, or a young adult. However, there is so much to do and see. It can seem stressful. Here are some useful tips to planning your Disney magical Disney vacation that will help to make this vacation the best one you have ever taken.

Plan Your Vacation Ahead of Time

You will want to start planning for your magical Disney vacation as far in advance as you are able to. Going to the Disney website ( can help you figure out prices on Disney passes, resort fares and other information that will help you work out a budget and save for your trip. The Disney site will also provide you with transportation options and you can even get park maps and view upcoming events.

When Should You Go?

If you can, it is best to go to magical Disney vacation World during the late autumn or winter months. Summer can be extremely hot and humid in Florida which can wear you out fast and leave you with less energy to see and do all the things you would like. The summer months when the kids are out of school also means large crowds in lines for attractions and other venues.

How Will You Arrive There?

How do you plan on arriving at Disney World? If you are driving make sure that you have enough magical Disney vacation time to get to Florida, do everything you want to do, and get back without shortchanging yourself. The whole point of your magical Disney vacation is to relax and you can’t do that if you are always running around. If you decide to take a plane, make sure you have booked Orlando transportation when you arrive to drive you to your resort.

Where Will You Stay and For How Long?

Decide if you will be staying on site or off when you visit magical Disney vacation World. The Park itself hosts somewhere in the vicinity of twenty five hotels ranging from budget to world class. While staying on site at Disney is a bit more expensive than staying in or near Orlando it does have some advantages.

A majority of the on site motels offer some sort of free or inexpensive transportation to the 4 primary amusement parks. This can save you from renting a car and paying for parking. You also can get your passport tickets at the desk in the hotel instead of than waiting in line at the gate. As an added plus many of the hotels themselves have a specific theme which will allow you to experience even more of the special magical Disney vacation atmosphere while hanging out by the pool or enjoying a quiet dinner.

If you are staying for 5 days or longer than the 5 day hopper pass will save you money. This pass lets you visit all four of the magical Disney vacation major parks plus your choice of one of the minor attractions also.

Plan an Itinerary

Plan a schedule for each day. Simple is better; don’t attempt to schedle an event for every hour. Simply include a few must see attractions and events, an afternoon break to rest and recooperate and then allow the rest of the time for anything that strikes your fancy.

With a little simple planning, you can have a good, even great, magical Disney vacation.

Disney vacations

Cheap Vacations on Disney

By Matt Murren


Cheap Disney Vacations are Within Your Reach Do you wish that you could afford a Disney Vacation? Well, the chances are that you can! All the magic of Disney doesn’t have to come with an exorbitant price tag. With the right planning and ingenuity, Disney vacations can not only be reasonably priced, but even downright cheap. Get started planning your cheap Disney vacations today!

How cheap can a Disney vacation be? And what do you have to do to get one? To begin your planning, you should pick a time of year to take your Disney vacation. The best times are the off-seasons-Hurricane season (August and September), most of January, and October to November are quite times when prices are at their lowest.

Start off by deciding where to stay. Hotels in Orlando have a range of prices, but it’s amazing how low prices can be if you stay off-site. It’s not unusual to find rooms for $30-40 a night. If you have a large party (6+ people), you might want to consider renting a condo or home; you can often find a 3 or more bedroom vacation home in the same price range as a 2.5 star hotel. When you split the cost between multiple families, the cost can be cheaper than any hotel room available. Similarly, if visiting Disneyland, staying off-site will save you hundreds of dollars a night.

When it comes to meals, there are many cheap options in Orlando. Meals inside the Disney parks can have steep prices, so it’s best to plan eating off-site as much as possible. A web search for cheap food in Orlando can help you make a food budget. Getting some basic food items at the local grocery store can also be a great money-saver if you have a fridge in your hotel room.

The biggest cost you will face on a Disney vacation is the actual admission to the Disney parks. The best way to save in this area is to buy multi-day ticket. The price of a one-day ticket to any one of the four Disney World parks is about $80 for an adult. But if you buy an adult 5-day ticket (which allows you to visit one park per day for five days), your cost will be more like $47 per day.

With these tips in mind, you too can enjoy all the magic Disney has to offer. Plan your cheap Disney vacations today!