Cheap Beach Vacation

How To Find Cheap Beach Vacation?

By Jon Ferraro

cheap beach vacation
cheap beach vacation

Most people work hard for a living and they desperately want to relax and spend there vacations at a cheap beach vacation where the sound of the waves takes the stress away from their normal day to day grind. The problem with most beach vacations is that they are extremely expensive. Everybody wants to go to the big tourist spots. Problem with that is, that because the demand is so high, the costs of the vacation rises as well. But finding cheap beach vacations isn’t that hard. I just takes a little thinking out of the box.

First off, start thinking in general areas. For example, most northerners like to go to Florida during the winter for their beach vacation. Most people think of going to the obvious places like the Florida keys and South Beach in Miami. There is nothing wrong with those place but we are looking for cheap beach vacation. Everybody wants to go to the keys. But Florida is a pretty big state. I’m sure we could find other areas in Florida that are as much fun and still not be so damaging to the wallet.

Start looking at destinations by the Panhandle of Florida. For instance, the city of Destin is a perfect cheap beach vacation. The water on the beaches is a pristine blue and the sand is sugary white. It almost looks like a beach in the Caribbean. It caters to the family atmosphere and it just a perfect place to relax. The most important thing is that it costs about half of what a vacation in South Florida would cost.

Another popular spot where people like to go for their beach vacation is the Caribbean. Depending on where you want to go it can be quite expensive. For example, most people want to go to the obvious places like St. Martin, Aruba, or the Bahamas. Well, if you’ve never been to those places, I’ll save you the suspense and let you know that its quite pricey. Flights and hotels in Bahamas can cost a pretty penny. Why not think about going to another Caribbean spot?

Dominican Republic has the same setting for paradise as do any of the big Caribbean hot spots. The big difference is that it’s a lot easier finding cheaper reservations to go there than many of the other islands. I defy anybody to look at the some the best cheap beaches vacation in the Dominican Republic and compare them with any of the beaches in the Bahamas and tell me there is a major difference. Paradise is Paradise!

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