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Cheap cruise ships offer so many amenities that most feel like a floating city.

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Below are some tips for finding the best deals on cheap cruise.

Be Flexible

One of the best ways to find a great cheap cruise deal is to be flexible about your vacation. Flexibility in the type of cabin, ship, and to some degree the destination, can all increase the opportunity to find cheap cruise. Ships that are not full will offer reduced rates in an attempt to fill their cabins. Flexibility in departure cities can save money also.

When the ships are leaving their home ports and heading south to start the season you can sometimes get a great booking rate from their home city. Jacksonville, New Orleans, Norfolk, and points in Texas often offer comparable cruises at much lower rates than the ones departing from South Florida.

Book Early

Early bird discounts are very common in the cruise industry. Booking a cruise early, before it begins to fill up, is a great opportunity to get discounts. Once a ship gets near capacity, especially for popular destinations, the discounts dry up and the remaining cabins go for full price.

Booking summer vacations in the mid- to late winter timeframe is a great way to take advantage of these cheap cruise deals.

Use an Agent

Travel agents can often shop the available cruise lines and find the best deal to meet your needs. Some agents specialize in certain cheap cruise lines, but they also often have more leverage with those lines and can offer additional discounts not found directly through the line. Since agents get commissions on each cheap cruise vacation they book, they can often give part of that commission as a discount, to entice the vacationer. This means an even lower rate.

Cruises offer a wide array of on-board entertainment and food choices. Airfare is another added cost that can increase the overall price of the trip by a large amount. Many cheap cruise packages offer airfare in the deal. Shop for deals that include airfare from your local airport, rental car or shuttle service to the departure point, hotel accommodations (if you will need to stay in the port city before or after the trip), and return airfare, preferably at discounted rates.

Tips, and most port charges and taxes, are seldom included in the price, but a good agent can help you plan for those costs ahead of time.

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