Cheap European Vacations

Cheap European Vacations And Exotic Asian Options

By Jillian Scheeler

cheap european vacations
cheap european vacations

Travel Europe on a budget

Traveling to Europe can be expensive and many Asian countries can be overcrowded and expensive. Fortunately there are other great and Cheap European Vacations European vacations out there, so you can travel to Europe on a budget and enjoy everything Asia has to offer.


Compared to the overwhelming nature of many other Asian countries, Malaysia is laidback, relaxing and cheaper. Gorgeous beaches, exotic jungles, colorful temples, delicious cuisine and snorkeling can be yours for as little as $15 to $30 per person per day. Malaysia is also more westernized than other countries and many people speak English, making communication easier. Plus there are tons of attractions in a small area. From the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur to the calming and beautiful Cameron Highlands Hill Station, there is everything from big city attractions to wild jungle adventures.


Morocco is located in northern Africa in close proximity to Europe – but couldn’t be more different. Tangier, Casablanca and Marrakesh offer exotic marketplaces and bazaars, ancient and medieval buildings, delicious Moroccan food, camel rides and tons of excitement. Once you’ve had enough of the bustling cities, head for the uncrowded beaches, amazing mountains, cedar forests and old Saharan towns. There are plenty of outdoor activities like trekking, skiing, windsurfing and hiking to do on this cheap exotic vacation. Depending on how many creature comforts you seek, you can get by on anywhere from $30-$80 a day.


Turkey is a great Cheap European Vacations in itself, but also a great way to travel Europe on a budget. This nation is located between Europe and Asia and is known world-wide for its amazing sightseeing opportunities and great values. Even though the prices have crept up over the years as tourism has expanded, the country still is a great deal. Turkey has a historic past, with amazing and ancient cities to visit, Roman ruins to explore, mosques and ancient churches to visit, Byzantine art to admire and more. Turkey is also surrounded by four seas, making it a beach paradise with plenty of outdoor activities to keep you busy and resorts for comfort. Although a bit more expensive than the other counties, travelers can get by on about $50 to $100 a day. Hostels start at around $25 a night and hotels a little bit more at about $45.

Prague, Czech Republic

Once the capital of the Holy Roman Empire, Prague offers amazing Roman architecture and all night partying – at budget prices. During the day, visit the city’s beautiful Cheap European Vacations buildings, many of which were build more than a millennium ago. For an ancient feel visit Prague Old Town or Prague Lesser Town, two older areas of the city that are less modernized. In the evening, pub hopping and beer drinking seems to be the choice of most. In fact, a half-liter mug of world-famous Czech beer starts at round $0.30, which is often cheaper than a cup of coffee or soda. For food, there is everything from local dishes like dumplings and goulash, to Thai and Russian food and at reasonable prices too. For evening accommodations, hostels will start around $23 a night and a nice hotel room will cost around $50 a night. Prague is a cheap European vacation and a great way to travel Europe on a budget.


Thailand is an attractive budget vacation for everyone from families to honeymooners to retirees. With stunning beaches, snorkeling, diving, sailing, hiking, elephant rides, floating fruit markets, inspiring temples, delicious cuisine, ancient kingdoms and historic sites – you’ll have plenty to keep yourself entertained with. Don’t forget about the famous shopping as well – custom tailored handmade suits cost only around $100-$150. Thailand is a country where you can visit on a low budget, spending $20 on a beachfront bungalow or you can splurge on amazing luxury five-star hotels like the Oriental for $200, a budget price in comparison to other countries. Thailand is renowned for its hospitality – so why not splurge?

So, make the nice Cheap European Vacations deal on a low budget.

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