cheap vacation deals

Use This Strategy To Get Cheap Vacation Deals

By Peter Craske

cheap vacation deals
cheap vacation deals

We all know someone like my friend Carol. She has done fairly well for herself and holds down a reasonable job. She works as a primary school teacher here in the U.K. but quite frankly her salary is nothing to write home about. Yet, (and this is the amazing thing), Carol always seems to be able to take the most remarkable cheap vacations deals outside of term time. Amongst our group of friends she is known as the “supremo of cheap last minute foreigncheap vacations deals” as she always seems to be away on some Caribbean cruise or safari in Africa. One of her cheap vacations deals last year wasn’t quite so glamorous – she visited Argentina and stayed in some metal shack type accommodation, but when you are literally booking cheap vacations deals at the last second you have to be prepared to take the rough with the smooth sometimes.

All in all, I know that Carol has had some great experiences and doesn’t regret any of the cheap vacations deals she has taken. A couple of months I invited Carol over to my house for dinner with an ulterior motive in mind.

I had been curious about her ability to find the low-cost cheap vacations for some time and finally my inquisitiveness had got the better of me. The moment I had served dinner I decided to ask her outright how she managed to afford so many wonderful exotic cheap vacations each year. Carol admitted that she spent a lot of her free time searching out the best deals.

Part of the reason for me asking the question of Carol was that I had a cheap vacations deals planned and needed to find a cheap vacations deals myself. From what little she had told me so far that her methods I assumed Carol found all of her low cost cheap vacations by searching the Internet. It transpired that Carol had many contacts in the travel industry itself, and could receive a call from personal call from any one of them at any time with an offer of cheap vacations deals a discounted price. Because they had known Carol for a long time, they were familiar with her requirements exactly, they were well aware of her personal situation in terms of here availability i.e. when she did not work and the fact that she would be willing to travel at a moments notice Because of Carol’s availability and willingness to travel, this made her a very good contact to have for the travel agents and this was reciprocated by the agents in that Carol’s was able to get some of the very best cheap vacations deals available.


If you are looking for cheap vacations deals, keep a close eye on site like That said, it is equally important to develop a close relationship with you local travel agent, making then aware of you exact requirements in terms of location and price and contact them often.

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