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How to Find Your First Cheap Vacation Rentals

By Stewart Christensen

As the economy continues to lag many Americans are discovering the (somewhat) new world of vacation rentals. This list of tips and tricks will help you, the first time cheap vacation rentals, get the right place the first time so you too can start enjoying the wonderful world of cheap vacation rentals.

Vacation Rental Listing Sites

Currently all of the cheap vacation rentals listing sites are basically the same. Finding Homes

The hardest part of the whole cheap vacation rentals process (and maybe the reason many people don’t rent them) is finding properties close to your destination. By using Google Maps you can see that Newport Beach or Huntington Beach would be great places to start looking for a vacation rental. On the same listing site as above the search ‘Newport Beach CA’ brought back 111 listings, and ‘Huntington Beach CA’ brought back 33 results. With one phone call to the owner you will have all the info you need without reading 400 lines of text. Remember, this is the property owner’s business, so they are more then happy to talk to you. While you have them on the phone ask them about the amenities, condition of the house, recent upgrades or renovations, if their family stays at the house often, etc. If the family is there often then most likely the owners keep a close watch on repairs, upkeep, etc. A short written list of questions will prevent you from forgetting a question or leaving something important unanswered. Contracts, Fees, Credit Cards, etc

Here is another place the first time renter gets scared. Some owners have simple contracts, others have more complicated ones. The owner of a property is in business-they want to rent their home and they want return business. If you are nervous about giving your credit card information know that you are actually safer using a credit card for payment. Security deposits and cleaning fees protect the property, the owner, and you. Be honest if something does break, let the owner know and they will usually be very understanding. Owners are people too and do understand accidents. If you do find a home is not as advertised, immediately contact the vacation listing site where you found the property, as well as the property owner. Listing sites are also in business and do not want owners listing with them that create a bad name for their site or for the vacation rental industry. Overall cheap vacation rentals are a very positive experience. Enjoy

Okay, you’ve booked your first vacation rental and now its time to go enjoy it! Each year more people are discovering that vacation rentals are the best way to travel, they enjoy privacy, space, and a unique experience every time. Happy cheap vacation rentals!

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