exotic vacations

Things unthinkable around you to get exotic vacations experience

by : Venita

exotic vacations
exotic vacations

Without we realize there are various places that we can make that exotic vacation. Exotic vacation does not have to go overseas or out of town, just browse in the city in which we live.

Here are alternative locations in the city that could be exotic vacation:
1. Walk to the park.
2. Cycling around the city with family / friends.
3. Go to the Museum / Zoo in the city.
4. Trying to use public transportation that you never normally use to get around the city.
5. Nature tourism in the city (beaches, mountains, port)
6. Sports (jogging, swimming) at the place around us live.
7. Make a dance club (for dancing lover)
8. Explore the traditional markets.
9. City landmarks.
10. Learn to make unique crafts that is specialty in your city.
Find something new and exotic around you to enjoy exotic vacation that is unforgettable and memorable.

Let’s explore your city. Happy exotic vacation

Things to have :

–          Exotic sandal

–          Relaxing music

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