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Executive summary by Ida B. Byrd-H

inexpensive vacation1
inexpensive vacation1
inexpensive vacation
inexpensive vacation

Every January people all over the world make a resolution to lose weight. By February most have forgotten the resolutions they made on New Years Day. In order to make any changes, such as weight loss, the change must be incremental and weaved into our every day lives. We can reduce the calories in our diet, we can cut out sweets.

But to drop that weight immediately and tone the body we must exercise inexpensive vacation. Most people struggle with fitting exercise into their routine however they can jumpstart any weight loss change by taking an inexpensive vacation. An inexpensive vacation allows one to establish an exercise routine outside of a stressful everyday schedule. The inexpensive vacation can be structured around bicycling, hiking, ice skating, kayaking, sailing, skiing, walking etc. Its inexpensive vacation.

Imagine the strong warm breeze of Miami South Beach blowing on you body as you ride your bicycle down the beach. A five mile ride every day will create the beginning of toned and tanned body.

Or hiking through the rainforest of Costa Rica. The humidity of the rainforest will perk any skin type. Hiking up and down the steep hills of the rainforest will flatten any abdomen. Plus the constant humidity will flush the impurities out of the body creating healthy balance inexpensive vacation.

Or skiing down the steep mountains of the Rockies only to land in the ritzy ski resorts of Beaver Creek, Lake Tahoe or Jackson Hole. The mountain ranges of the Rockies will truly tone your thighs if it doesn’t break you bones.

Or kayaking the choppy waters of the Pacific Ocean on the shores of Tahiti or Fiji. The rowing motion will create a powerful upper chest and arms.

An inexpensive vacation does the body and mind good. After any of these inexpensive vacations you will surely want to maximize your investment and to keep your Resolution to lose weight. And also make inexpensive vacations.

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