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Inexpensive vacations : Save on Food

By Agung Basuki


When wishing to travel abroad sparingly, most people are considering how to find the cheap plane ticket and a cheap hotel.

In fact, there is one other important element that is often neglected, but often it is actually spent a lot of cost: food shopping budget.
Agung Basuki, author serial TravelHemat e-book, give some tips of the way for many years to various places in the world – a strategy to save budget food shopping without having to suffer from hunger or malnutrition, but can still enjoy the local culinary cuisine.

Tip # 1: Breakfast is the key
Various places in the world has a habit to eat a different breakfast. In most Asian countries, breakfast tends to be presented and filling (especially if we spend the night in a hotel that provides all you can eat buffet breakfast), while in other places (eg in Europe), breakfast tends to be very simple and does not satiate.

Look for information about the breakfast habits of the local community prior to your departure to the destination if the accident does not provide lodging for you as part of breakfast is included in the cost of lodging. For example, a set menu price American Breakfast in the United States or Continental Breakfast in the UK are usually cheaper than the price set menus for lunch or dinner, so you better to pay for simple breakfast for the reason that has not been hungry stomach.

Try to eat until satiated during the morning before starting the activity. Breakfast with a large portion is usually enough to provide energy for your body to arrive at dinner. While day to day you can simply buy a snack.

Well, if that hotel you stay provides all you can eat buffet breakfast, hmm …. I am not wasted this opportunity. Eat until satisfied, and spare your time also to bring some pieces of bread or other foods as a practical ‘stock’ in your lunch bag / backpack. However, do it with caution (read: secretly) as most hotels do not allow the guests to do this.

Tip # 2: Save the best for last
For example, you plan to stay for 3 nights in Rome and every night want to enjoy typical local food. You have limited it for 20 euros each for dinner, so the total budget meals for you for 3 days in Rome is 60 euros.

On the first night, visit food vendors in the street to buy a few pieces of pizza (usually large-sized) at the take-away with the total price 6-7 Euro (for 2-3 pieces) or purchase a wide variety of Italian Panini for Euro 4-6 / seed. The second night, try a taste a dish of food in various trattoria (depot / stalls) around where you live, where to a large portion of lasagna, spaghetti, fettuccini and various other food valued based pasta 8-10 euros.

So, your money still be in the 43-46 Euro last night, you can spend to enjoy a fancy dinner and elegant restaurant in a middle-class-up without having to dive over in the bag again.

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