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Agrotourism : An Alternative for Single Vacations

by : Venita

To Get  single vacations to go to Batu city, East Java, Indonesia,  you can enjoy the agro tourism. Altitude of Batu city between 680-1700 meters above sea level with temperatures ranging between 15-19 degrees Celsius. Precisely in the west of Malang city with a distance less than 19 km. If you leave from Surabaya city, a trip to Batu city takes approximately 2 hours.

Started picking apples, picking strawberries, oranges and vegetables. Single vacationer can also choose a variety of flowers. Could picking apples straight from the tree can be found in the region Punten Village, Village Bumiaji, Sidomulyo and surrounding areas.

Picking apples straight from the tree have their own memories of the unforgettable for single vacations. Not only showing how to pick, visitors also will be explained about the characteristics of apples. Because the form does not mean ripe. By picking apples on the apple’s knowledge will increase. And remember, tourism picking apples in Indonesia only in Batu be very unfortunate if it came to the Batu city without any attempt sensation apple picking.

Satisfied picking apples, you can go to the flower shop. In District Bumiaji, starting from the village Punten, there are many flower plantations. Because this area is famous for flower cultivation center, to the extent that there is a special road called Bukit Berbunga street. Once in the street direct tourists will be greeted by the colorful flowers that lined neatly on either side of the road. If you can rush down on the sidewalk for a moment and choose flowers, then left again. But if there is spare time, for the single vacation better tracing villages there are filled with beautiful and colourful flowers with mountain baccground.

To make complete you cheap vacations, beside picking apples and flowers from the tree directly, there is one more tour that is guaranteed to make you impress the dairy milk. With the potential of dairy cows extraordinary Batu city Tourism became one of the suppliers of fresh milk to dairy companies in Indonesia such as instant milk Nestle. There are several center areas of a dairy farm  in the Batu city, visit Toyomerto Village, and Oro-oro Ombo village.

At the center of this dairy farm you can see not only how to milk the cow breeder, you can practice milking a direct way with the guidance of a local breeder. Of course, this will be a special experience that will keep memorable in your life.

This simple idea, can make nice experiences for all vacationer, although you are single vacationer who get single vacations.

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