Stretch Travel Dollar

How to Stretch Your Travel Dollar
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by Stephanie Sam Larkin

stretch travel dollar
stretch travel dollar

Even if you are on a budget, traveling is possible. Vacationing when your funds are limited can be a challenge, but there still many locations that you can visit. Here are some tips to stretch your travel dollar:

Tip #1: Schedule your vacation during the off-season.

When is the off-season? That depends on your destination. For a ski resort, you can get a cheaper price if you travel there during the summer, while a beach house in New Jersey is usually cheaper during the winter months. Even tropical locations have off-seasons, which usually occur during rainy times of the year. When you travel during the off-season, you may have to deal with less than perfect weather, but that does not affect indoor activities like visiting museums and going to the spa, and you may end up saving hundreds of dollars.

Tip #2: Fly on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Even if you do not have flexibility with your month of travel, making it possible to travel during the off-season, try to have a little flexibility with your specific dates. Flights are always more expensive on weekends, because that is when most people want to travel. If you can switch your dates, you can save $50 to $100 on most tickets – and sometimes even more, depending on the airline.

Tip #3: Skip the car rental and purchase a bus pass.

When planning your vacation, do a little research to avoid a rental car if possible. At the very least, pay a car service to take you from the airport to your hotel instead of renting a car for an entire week or two, which can cost hundreds of dollars.

Tip #4: Take advantage of age discounts.

Did you know that in many locations, kids get in free? Some airlines even provide children with free flights! There are many options available to save your family money, and you can find restaurants – especially buffets – that are extremely inexpensive and in some cases, free for children. Along with children, senior citizens can get discounts in many travel areas. Restaurants are not the only places that give seniors a price break.

Tip #5: Travel as a group.

If you are travelling with a large group, you can get group discounts on everything from hotel rooms to amusement park tickets to flights. If you organize a trip through a travel agency, you might even be able to travel for free or at a very low price. If you put in the time to plan everything, you can find a great price for your next vacation.

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