swine flu

Prevent Swine Flu on cheap vacations

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swine flu
swine flu

I can of what the news has just returned from Hong Kong & Shenzhen (early June 2009 ago) when a second son Searched virus H1N1 (swine flu virus or also known as the flu pigs) pas holiday in Shenzhen again.
As a result, the two children should stay (quarantined) in the local hospital for almost 10 days. Consequently, what was my own money should be spent almost 15 million rupiah for their children there. Not to mention he should also remove the extra fees for additional lodging, buy a new ticket changes and cancellations due to travel schedule before, and so forth.

Therefore, I rush to send this message who  wanted to travel abroad, the following information can be used to guard.
Few tips from me to minimize the possibility that influenza virus infected is frightening:

1. consumption of high-dose vitamin C before and during travel to keep the body’s resistance as possible while traveling contagious this virus is quite large, especially with a physical condition usually when traveling less likely to fit due to exhaustion.

2. it’s good also prepare the mask (select the material from the cloth). To anywhere in the travel, should we wear masks because we can never know the local situation and the resistance is as strong as our bodies. Choose a disposable mask, so do not wear the same mask repeatedly.

3. try to take liquid antiseptic . every time you want to enter the mouth, we make sure we Rinse hands with the first liquid anti septic to minimize the risk of contracting the virus and bacteria.
4. Clothing should also use after we (dirty clothes), is inserted directly into the plastic bag is closed, so that if there is a seed-seed virus and bacteria that stick in there, he does not spread to our other clothes that are still clean.

5. Finally, the complete self-insurance with the travel. if we must be treated in the hospital while traveling, at least in terms of the cost will not be too burdensome. Well, if you would like to know information about this further.

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