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Cheap vacations’ testimony

Save your trip to KL & Manila

By Jeffry Ondang


cheap vacations
cheap vacations

Testimony from a friend named Jeffry Ondang, who just finished the cheap vacation to Malaysia and the Philippines. We can read the testimony, he read the following tips especially for those who want to visit Kuala Lumpur in the future (cheap transportation tips to Batu Caves & SunWay Lagoon).

I’m not the first time this traveling abroad, I had previous to Hong Kong, China (even if only to Shenzhen), Singapore, Malaysia, and Bangkok. But all that has been arranged by the family and stay at the hotel. Also, if any to most taxi ride. Thus, the costs incurred are also big enough, although we also often got my own way without joining tour.
But since I read the e-book written by Travel Hemat Agung Basuki (which I found by accident when surfing on the internet), I feel I must to do the trip this time to foreign as cheap as possible. I want to live in a cheap hostel and increased vehicle travel if that is not a public taxi.

But since I read the e-book written by TravelHemat Agung Basuki (which I found when surfing on the internet), I am enthusiasm to do the trip this time to foreign as cheap as possible. I want to live in a cheap hostel and increased vehicle travel if that is not a public taxi.

I was trying something new and a little difficult to make the result more depth than all the all-round easy. Time in Kuala Lumpur on 11 May 2009, I tried all the public there, from the SkyBus, Commuting, LRT, MRT, and others. I can have a cheap travel, and this means, I can make shopping more for my family.
In the beginning I was not make sure that I could do that solo traveling, plus the number of negative stories I hear and read. But once again, buying e-book in http://travelhemat.com not only buy the product, but at the same time can be consulted about the plan’s FREE on our journey by Agung Basuki.

Agung also gave me the encouragement to keep me to cheap vacation, especially to the Philippines (where many people say that the situation is less secure, a lot of action crime, frequent storms, and others). Fortunately when I have in there, the situation was good, nothing to make me afraid). Of course all of that we follow the suggestions given.
Thank you to the top of the guide from the ebooks by Agung Basuki even now … I even avid traveling sparingly, and is planning a similar trip in January 2010, where the route to Denpasar, Kuala Lumpur – Manila – Kuala Lumpur – Singapore – Kuala Lumpur – Denpasar, I just pay the ticket price of only Rp 1,100,000 with AirAsia ride. The cheap vacations I have got.
Additional tips from Jeffry Ondang To Travel to the Batu Caves & SunWay Lagoon – Malaysia
• for a trip to Batu Caves (Kuala Lumpur) with the low cost, if we live in Paradiso Bed & Breakfast in the area of Bukit Stars – KL, we stayed a few meters walk to the Seven Eleven store, how to ride a bus to Kotaraya / Central Market . From there to stay No bus ride. 11 (Ringgit cost 2), fall directly in front of the entrance of Batu Caves, as well as vice versa.
• When to SunWay Lagoon (because I live in Paradiso Bed & Breakfast and would like to first KLCC), route is approximately as follows:
monorail ride from the hostel to the station Bukit pineapple (1.20 MYR),

then moved to the KLCC LRT (MYR 1.30).

From station to KLCC LRT Station rover increased (2.40 MYR).

And from the station to the wanderer travel through the bus ride down directly in front of the Pyramid SunWay (1.00 MYR).

Airline Ticket Prices

How to Find Cheap Airline Ticket prices When You Travel

By Henry Yu

airline ticket prices
airline ticket prices

Before you go on any vacation or travel anywhere in the world, if you want to save Airline Ticket Prices you should really consider doing some homework before you go. Below are some of the ways that you can save money on find Airline Ticket Prices.

Do your research on the internet, call airline booking agencies and watch the news programs to keep yourself up to date on discounts. There are a lot of promotional fares offered by different airline companies that are new in the industry. Compare prices between different websites.

When you are a frequent traveler maybe you should consider signing up for frequent flier miles. You could one day travel for absolutely FREE when you accumulate enough frequent flier miles.

Are you a senior or is there a senior going to be traveling with you? Maybe you should call the traveling agencies about senior discount.  Maybe you can do the same thing if you are a student. Some airlines give discount to students Airline Ticket Prices.

It is a good idea to keep a flexible travel schedule. Roll with the punches. I mean if there is a promotion states that they only give discounts every Tuesdays like the movie theatres, maybe you should book your airline tickets on Tuesday.

Did you know that, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are the days that have fewer reservations therefore on these days that tickets are sold cheap. Monday is usually the busiest day of the week because it is a first of the working schedule for most people. Try not to book on Monday.

One thing I recommend not to do is make reservations to the  company you see with a promotion of some sort. You should consider taking your time be patient and find out if the promotion is indeed the cheapest in your area. Ask the agency clerk about other offers available. When search on line, make sure you check at least five sites before you decide where to buy your Airline Ticket Prices.

Another place that you can purchase cheap airline tickets is through consolidators. If you don’t know then these are people who buy a lot of tickets at huge discount from the airline companies and resell them at whole sale prices. This helps the airline fill up still available seats. The good place to check for this is the travel section of the newspaper.

If you can avoid, try not to book on off peak hours schedule. Most likely if you book before seven in the morning flight or book the after seven in the evening flight, airline tickets are at their cheapest. This too, will be a wise decision since it is at these times that airlines are not overcrowded, thus getting more space for yourself and your luggage.

Remember always ask the Airline Ticket Prices agent if that particular airline offers bonus traveling packages. Some airlines do offer packages such as car rental discount or a hotel room discount that comes with the airplane ticket.

Always consider book air tickets ahead of time. Discounts are usually offered to someone who reserves airline ticket three weeks or earlier beforehand. Don’t forget due to over crowding during the holidays, you may not use your frequent flier miles. Therefore it is a good idea to book in advance if you plan to travel during the holidays.

One final thought, staying with only one airline on your entire trip may too, give you discounts. Airlines offer special rates to round trip tickets or connecting flights.

I hope these advices helped you in finding cheap vacation packages.

Enjoy your trip.

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