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Whilst On Holiday

Ten Things To Do Whilst On Holiday In Lanzarote

by : Venita

02… but not the only ten of course!

but just because it is small doesn’t mean there isn’t alot to do whilst you are there.

Here is our top 10 ten things to do whilst you are on Holiday in Lanzarote.

1. Relax and enjoy the sun

One of the reasons you are probably visiting Lanzarote is to get some good weather and return home with a nice tan. There are plenty of beaches in Lanzarote where you will be able to lie back and relax – but don’t forget the sun cream! It can get very hot in the summer.

2. Visit the Timanfaya National Park

The Timanfaya National Park (declated in 1968) is THE most popular tourist attraction in Lanzarote. Located in the south west the fire mountain nearly caused complete devistation to Lanzarote by killing off everything on the Island during a 5 year erruption.

3. Visit Jameos del Agua

Situated just across the road from The Green Caves, Jameos del Agua is located in the north of Lanzarote. The lava bubbles that form the attraction were caused by the eruption of Monte de la Corona around 3,000 years ago. Visit the blind albino crabs in one of their only natural habits above ground.

4. Submarine Trips

You can take part in Submarine Trips departing from Puerto Calero, or for the cheaper option the Aqua Sub departs from Playa Blanca harbour by the ferry port.

5. Water Sports

The island is buzzing with water sports, from diving, jet skis and wind-surfing there is plenty to keep the water junky occupied. Check out some of the waves up at La Santa!

6. Markets

One for the ladies! The best (in our opinion) market in the Canaries is Teguise Market, held every Sunday morning until 2pm. Playa Blanca also has two markets a week on a Wednesday and Saturday.

7. Wine tasting

Although you might find this suprusing, Lanzarote has a big wine making industry. The vineyards invite visitors to see their manufacturing process and offer free samples! What are you waiting for?

8. Visit Fuerteventura

Take the short journey across the sea to the island of Fuerteventura. Just half an hour away from Playa Blanca by Ferry, Fuerteventura offers a totally different experience to Lanzarote and is well worth the day trip. If you want to explore Fuerteventura further we recommend hiring a car once you get over there. If you hire a car in Lanzarote check with your hire company to see if you are insured to take it over toe Fuerteventura.

9. Bars and Restaurants

The holiday resorts in Lanzarote are not short of bars or restaurants. In Playa Blanca alone you will find Indian Cuisine, Chinese, Italian, Steak Houses and Mexican food. The warm evenings in Lanzarote, especially in the summer, make sitting out at a bar very pleasant indeed!

10. Quad Bike Safaris

Not for the faint hearted, the Quad Bike Safari lasts around 3 hours. You will see some of the most stunning parts of the Island on road but 80% off road.

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