Travel Discounts

Student Travel Discounts

By Richard Romando

Students have many privileges in bars, restaurants, resorts, and even tours and travel. They can take advantage of amazing tours at prices friendly to their pockets. Some travel agencies, in fact, will give a discounted travel package to a student while offering the same package to adults at a regular price. Students also have more flexibility in getting last-minute booking changes like altering the duration of stay or change in flight schedule.

More often than not, student travel tours are discounted because they carry less tax and lower interest rates. Most agencies of student tours do not do their advertising in the regular airline companies’ websites and use smaller and budget airlines as carriers. Although the routes taken by these small airlines are fewer compared to big carriers, they still offer superb service and lower tour package costs.

Lower or discounted travel fares are can also be acquired by any student by following some of tips. Fly from another airport. In the Philippines, for example, the budget airlines land thirty-two miles away from the country’s capital, with an almost 70% price different from the regular airfare lands. Passengers from this airport are then given a free two-and-a-half-hour bus ride to the city. The same budget airlines will also allow you to travel in different parts of Asia. In the U.S., instead of flying directly to San Francisco, book your arrival in the nearby Oakland International Airport where rates are much cheaper.

Choose travel tours during off-peak seasons. It could be less crowded, but your experience will still depend on how you are going to spend your time. If it cannot be avoided and you have to travel during the holidays, try to book your flight or your tour as early as possible. You will end up paying 30% less than those passengers who booked in the same season.

Although student fares, most of the time, are discounted and have more flexible options, cheaper fares are still available from the airlines themselves. Research large airline booking websites and budget airlines’ websites to determine when you can travel on a tight budget. This will give you an overall idea as well as comparison on fares offered to a regular person and a student.

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